Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Who Blogs Anymore?

You can tell by my lack of posts that this little blog fell off the map quite some time ago.  What else can I say really?  Since 2011 I married, bought a house and had a baby (who is now a full blown toddler), so to say the least there isn't much time for blogging.  Life happens.  AND since my early 20's the whole "dig me and all the cool shit I'm doing" thing really isn't my thing anymore. 

I'm sure my five followers have been devastated and lost for the last five years without me.  But not to worry.  I am still alive and well.  Maybe I'll check in again in 2020 because it has a nice ring to it.



Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been awhile...

Days are blurring together..in a good way. 
Pursuing my passion for organizing music events and finally have a place of my own to call home.   
The best part about new apartment is my bitchin' stove. 
It's old & teal!

Off to go play in the rain! 
More posts to come!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love in the Big City

I've been living in LA for over
2 years 
& Feel like I've barely scratched the surface,
Thought I ought to start somewhere....
Off to the Observatory on a Friday Afternoon!

Hours fly by


 Awesome Day 
With an equally Awesome Dinner!

Time to play catch up!

So about this whole 'blog' thing ... it's time to step it up and get consistent.
I've been going through one of the biggest break ups of my life, keep in mind I am still very young and there is much more time for disappointment &  heart break. 
It's not your average kind of divorce that typically happens between a man and a woman.
It was a little over a month ago, so to say the very least it took awhile to set in and get over.
It's really small in the grand scheme of things, yet has played a monumental role in my development and I'm grateful to have gained so much knowledge and so thankful for the opportunity for a new chapter.

So besides all that business, I've also been having a lot of fun lately!

 Jones House Music packed The Maverick Saloon in August for Kinky Friedman's final stop on his long awaited and much celebrated, 'Go West Young Kinky Tour of 2010' .


Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist, Matt Cartsonis opened up the show and really lubed up the audience for The Kinkstah. Matt is one of the finest side men I know but just wait til you see him. He's a damn pro. 
You can find out more about Matt & his upcoming shows here: http://www.mattcartsonis.com/


Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys

From left to right:
Little Jewford, Kinky & Ratso do not disappoint.

Links to Press:

Smoking a KFC   

Shades of Day Closed the Night
Their first Maverick appearance was sheer success!

....A week Later 

Kinky called to thank us for the hospitality and the inspiration 
& extended an invitation our to his ranch in Medina, TX. 

Gnarly turbulence & TOGA (take off go around)

Next thing ya know My Mother, Brother and I were on a plane and in Texas!

" The Hat"

Kinky's Office

Said our Goodbyes and Moved on to Austin, TX

Great Family Trip
So to say the least...
Our Life is pretty Bitchin' 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey, I Got a Blog!

I've submerged myself further into the "dig me" generation!
It's 20Ted and there is no way I will allow myself to be left out or be the last (wo)man standing without a blog.
With that said, welcome to the world of my twisted travels!